Gas and steam turbine blades

Our deep knowledge of the sector allows us to dedicate ourselves to the realization on design.

Reverse engineering

Drawing on the experience gained in its own area of expertise, our company has specialized in the production of gas and steam turbine blades, with related accessories.


We also carry out mechanical machining of impellers and impellers through the use of reverse engineering. It is a process that, through a 3D scan and the subsequent processing by a CAD software, allows you to digitize a physical object.


It is thus possible to replicate or modify this object, but also to create a new product that interfaces with it.

Technical office

For the needs of design and development drawings, we have an internal office equipped with cutting-edge design systems, 2D drawing software, 3D modeling and CAD / CAM that allow the creation of tool paths of complex geometries, significantly reducing the time of the design phase to transfer of work cycles to machine tools.

Main software used

HyperCAD S, HyperMill, Renishaw OMV.

Import and file management


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